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June 11 2015

your 20's: the era when you gotta make shit happen but all you wanna do is chill.

Megyn Kelly talking about a 14 year old girl brutalized by a cop: “She was no saint.” This is the same woman who spent most of last week defending Josh Duggar, a child molester whose youngest victim was five.

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OTRA EU: Vienna. 
June 10, 2015


do you remember when zayn shoved his mic up harry’s ass in front of thousands of people because i never forgot

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Thomas Neil Rodriguez may be the best dog owner ever. When vets told him his elderly dog Poh, a pitbull-lab mix he adopted in 1999, had just days to live, the New York-born Rodriguez and his fiancée decided to take the mutt on an epic cross-country tour. It ended up being wonderful medicine.

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All the love. H - 10/06/15

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June 10 2015


when you wanna make a meal out of your man but you’re live

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next to you.

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don’t know who this is but this really breaks my heart hate finding out a fellow black sis had to die like this



Rest in Power

Where is the story

Reblogging because this happened here (in New Orleans) on June 4th, but her death/murder is still under investigation and no details have been released yet (so I’m not sure where the raping/shooting info came from). Her name was Kaylan Ward.

Here are some links: (1) (2)

It’s also important to note that another black woman (not yet identified) was found dead this morning (June 10) on the interstate on the opposite side of the city in a similar condition (dismembered). Link to that story can be found here: (1)

New Orleans may very well have a serial killer (targeting black women) on our hands and I’m scared as fuck.




There’s another story not being touched on in this Texas narrative the cloak of victimhood white women operate under when it comes to dealing with Blackness namely Black women and girls and how they are presumed innocent or justified even after they have been documented being antagonistic or violent. It happens all the time.

white women literally get away with doing the most wild shit. this is why when white feminists whine about being seen as delicate as some type of negative I laugh because they use it to their advantage all the time.

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i’m watching the video of harry’s how-to-put-your-hair-in-a-bun tutorial and then i see this:

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day 1 x

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