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1D Fans In The Wild


the strangest thing happened to me at the convenience store tonight. 

I went to get The Brat orange juice, cause she’s not feeling well. 

So I’m closing the drinks case door, and out of nowhere this very attractive, tattooed, late 20s or so young man (who I’m positive is former, if not active duty Navy) wearing a wedding ring (cause damn it YEAH I did look!) says to me - “Oh, you’re a 1D fan?” 

I stuttered a bit, then replied ‘uhmmmmm yeah?” with a puzzled look, I’m sure, on my face. “What gave me away?”

“Oh I noticed your tattoo - nice choice. So, are you like a huge fan?” 

“Well, yeah- probably. I mean I like them more than my kids do, and I did get the tattoo.” At which we both laughed. The he kind of yells low over his shoulder, “Hey honey, come check this chick’s tattoo.” 

“Honey” turned out to be another 20s or so attractive young man, not quite as burly as his husband, but with almost as many tattoos. 

So anyway, to make a long story short, now I have two new friends to go drinking with, who will also be attending the Baltimore concert - but they have MUCH nicer seats than I do. 

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