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Promo time.





twistericecream that-regular-chick dailydoseofziam li-z-and-zayonce I think you guys would like to see this.

So for those who haven’t seen the video: the ladies of LM sit around and jokingly/swooningly say their own names, but with their “boyfriend’s” last name: Leigh-Anne says something but it’s inaudible; Perrie says “Perrie Malik”; Jesy says “Jesy Roche”; and Jade just says “Jade.”  They all laugh.

Gross.  After Perrie posted that Insta about the “mother-in-law” and LM does their radio tour, we get this.  Is M!M really going down this route?  Is M!M stepping up the LM promo and the Zerrie engagement by going this far?  This is so thirsty and desperate.  I’m horrified and disgusted.

But it’s also just hella lame. I remember doing this when I was 10 years old ( yes, I was a lame 10 year old but w/e). No grown ass woman in a thriving relationship is going to pull some elementary school type shit like this. More pandering to the young ‘ens IMO.

Agreed. I wrote my name with this boy’s name in my notebook when I was 11. Practiced my signature and everything. This is definitely more pandering to the kids. And Perrie Malik has no ring to it at all. Liam Malik however…and don’t even get me started on Zayn Payne.

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