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i’m having one of those nights where i cannot believe the universe was kind enough to provide me with the best song ever video 


zayn with long hair tied up. wearing a pretty pale pink lip gloss to match the pink bird on his hand, brows sculpted and fake lashes on (as if he needs fake lashes honestly). the delicate accessories, that gossamer-fine chain for his necklace and the thin band of his wristwatch and earrings in his already pierced ears, the top with so many buttons undone 


everything else and now also the glasses that just complete the whole look, the shimmering cheekbones and newly applied acrylic nails and how perfectly zayn gets traditionally feminine body language, shoulders back and spine arched just a little and chest out, fiddling with his hair


like WHAT did i do to deserve this video????? who do i offer prayers of thanks to?????? 

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